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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Is there anybody out there???

This may sound like a strange request but bear with me on this one.

With this being the age of technology and online social networking I have a favour to ask via this blog to anyone who thinks they may be able to help.

Mr and I have changed our summer plans, we are flying straight to Italy around the 18th May, going to fly to Milan, spend a couple of days there, then drive up to the lakes to see if we can get a job, if not we will buy a train pass travel around the ‘Belpaese’ (Beautiful Country) and see what happens. We have decided to go somewhere we love and see what happens when we get there, this means not coming back to France as I have decided I seriously do not love France. I also do want not to spend hours in a car on motorways and I am not camping. We are too old to be backpacking and bungy jumping, we are too well travelled to end up in some crap hole somewhere we do not want to be and quite frankly need to find somewhere we love and want to stay.

So readers (if you are out there) I pose this question to your good selves, does anyone out there know of anyone hiring summer staff in Italy? Or are you yourself looking for anyone to give you a helping hand this summer, wherever that may be? Unfortunately neither Mr or I speak Italian but we are willing to learn and are hard workers and quite happy to pitch in where needed. So if you think that you can be of any help, can give any advice or point us in the right direction please leave me a comment or email me at

Thank you!!

E xxx

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