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Friday, 1 April 2011

day 3

Day 3
Canapés, Duck pate on rustic wholemeal toast & roasted vegetables in          balsamic dressing on rustic wholemeal toast.

I have always been a fan of bruschetta & crostini and I think that bite size versions make a great canapé. And after all one thing the French are good at is bread and their pate is’nt bad either.

So for this occasion I treated us to some ‘Chevalott’ bread. Our local baker (Patrick Chevalott) has won awards for his patisseries and baking and it is easy to see why, the cakes and hand made chocolates along with all sorts of artisan bread are works of art and taste heavenly.

So I strolled into the village and went to one of the two ‘boutiques’ to purchase a dark, seeded freshly baked wholemeal loaf. One boutique has a café, which obviously serves up all of the wondrous goods created on the premises, they even make their own hot chocolate, it is thick and rich and just like melted chocolate!!! Divine. The other ‘boutique’ sells their hand made chocolates, all kept in a temperature controlled case, this is serious baking!!

But enough already, as the bread was so good I thought I’d keep things simple. Firstly I roasted off some mushrooms and peppers (diced) in some olive oil and garlic, once cooked I removed from the tray and seasoned before adding some balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. And then put the sliced bread (bite sized squares) into the used baking tray, drizzled with some olive oil, seasoned and baked in the oven to ‘toast’. Once nice and crisp I removed from the oven and added the toppings, smooth duck liver pate (not home made I should admit) and the roasted veggies. Simple but delicious!  

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