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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

week 2

Week 2.

Menu du jour

Breakfast- French toast with fruit compote
Afternoon tea cake-Honey & almond cake
Canapés- Duck pate on rustic wholemeal toast
Roasted vegetables in balsamic dressing on rustic wholemeal toast
Starter- Spicy roast pumpkin soup
Main course- Cod wrapped in prosciutto ham with a red pepper sauce
Stuffed tomatoes (v)
Side dishes- Savoury rice
Sauteed mixed vegetables
Steamed broccoli
Dessert- Lemon meringue roulade with raspberry coulis


Hmmm……. French toast. Sound’s so much more appealing than ‘eggy bread’ eh?

I bypassed eating this breakfast but made it anyway for Mr, as he is not suffering from fat suit syndrome (in fact he has bloody lost weight, typical!). I have joined the gym this week so I cannot undo all the good (apparently) that I have furiously sweated out on the treadmill by eating such calorific treats. Good old porridge for me. So whilst my porridge was bubbling away I dipped the bread into a mix of milk (1/4 cup), eggs (x2), vanilla and cinnamon and fried on each side in butter (!!!!!), resulting in what I imagine was a rather tasty way to start the day.

And as it was just for Mr he decided against the fruit compote option (would’nt possibly want anything resembling healthy eh?) and went for honey drizzled (drenched may be more appropriate) over instead. I enjoyed my porridge too! ! Think, bikini, think, bikini!!!!

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  1. Oooh the honey & almond cake sounds yummy - hope you post the recipe! You will be impressed with me today, I have made carrot cake and a dozen butterfly cakes all with cream cheese frosting.


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