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Saturday, 19 March 2011

time fly's

The weeks are going scarily fast. I cannot believe that we are in mid march already, it seemed like only yesterday I was up to my eyes packing up our home and belongings to move here.

It was exactly 4 months ago that we arrived here in the Alps and time has just flown by. I’m not quite sure whether I really thought about what life would exactly be like here. But I had done a year’s research into jobs and a new home and looked at all the possibilities for a new future. I still think I was prepared to a certain extent. Even though at times I have felt I did’nt really belong here.

I knew that the majority of workers here would be young and ‘that type’ but I did not let that put me off and in all honesty we avoid them most of the time. I always knew I would not be making real friends here, our age group, the 30 something’s are mostly too busy having babies and buying houses. So we are in the same position wherever we happen to be.

I also knew that I am more of a ‘ski bunny’ than a ‘powder monkey’ and that has remained the same, probably even more so as I am now even more picky about the weather and snow conditions!!! (BTW, it has snowed again last night and the village is shrouded in cloud and you can’t see a bloody thing, hence why I am sitting here writing & not skiing in lumps & bumps snow blinded!!!!) I like to safely cruise a nicely groomed empty piste, in sunny, crisp conditions, have one or two coffee stops and a nice relaxing lunch in a picturesque spot!!!  I do not like to go hurtling down the steepest, deepest powder, scary slopes in complete white out or flat light and I refuse to sit on the edge of a cold, windy slope eating a bloody (squashed) packed lunch!! I did say I am choosy!

What I have learnt about my time here so far is that there is just no changing some people!! I do loving living here despite feeling a little blue a few weeks back. There are good and bad points about everywhere you live and I think you just have to take a closer look at the positives and remind yourself why you are there in the first place. I do know that I would rather be here than working 12-14 hours back home in a job that I was ready to move on from. And even though I have missed my Lil’Sis and friends dreadfully at times you have to do these things, life is too short to wonder what if.

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  1. Glad you are feeling better, I am trying to think in the same way at the moment. Missing you too tho! xxxxxxxx


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