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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Drunken Thursdays!

Not much skiing in the last week, cloudy, too warm, wet & slushy but not an entirely uneventful week all in all.

I will go Thursday to Thursday as that works.

So Thursday in the previous week starts with a night out. Dinner in a nice Swedish bar with Mr’s work colleagues, nice dinner, at a very discounted price and free wine as there was about 20 odd people altogether, a good time all round. Dinner turned into drinks, drinks turned into more drinks and more drinks turned into our first clubbing experience here in Val, not the dreaded Dicks T bar which we have avoided like the plague but a more grown up kinda place. Well apparently. We ended up in their with a fun Czech girl (who works in Mr’s office), she was a dangerous influence on the alcohol consumption front and it was fun to be out with a girl who wore red Chanel lipstick! I mention this as she was told by the sales assistant whilst purchasing said lippie that you needed to drive a big, fast car to wear that colour!!!! She said she left the department store and drove off wearing her fabulous new lipstick in her slow little Peugeot!!!  Our other companion into the wee hours was a French ski instructor called ‘Fabrice’, (what is it with French names??) He spends his summers in New Caledonia in the South Pacific teaching kayaking. Nice! We got home at 5 am!! Not nice. But The Czech and the Frenchie had to get up for work, I have no idea how they did it! I could barely lift my head!

Then last week was the Winter X Games in the next resort, Tignes. Lots of mental but very skilled freestyle skiier’s and boarder’s doing tricks and jumps and races and the ever so scary looking superpipe, a half pipe but 7 meters high each side. The slopestyle competition was rubbish as they had built a 6-8 meter mound of snow in front of the spectator area so it meant you could’nt see a thing!!! Typical French organisation. The superpipe was mighty impressive though, although dreadful when one guy fell from the top and crash landed on his back, did’nt move and had to be stretchered off. Gives me goose bumps thinking about it, not nice to see.

This brings us back round to another drunken, late night Thursday. St Patricks day. As I am not Irish I had no intention of listening to fiddles and drinking disgusting Guiness all night surrounded by people dressed as leprechauns so we went to our favourite French bar, had a few civilised drinks then went to our favourite Swedish bar met some friends, met another normalish girl, this time Russian, then a few came back to ours and we managed to get rid of a couple of bottles of gin (not full ones I must add!! But with the end of the season approaching we are running the stock down!!). Another late night, another week gone by!!


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