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Wednesday, 16 February 2011


  Another beautiful, warm and sunny week in Val d’isere. I really am trying not to make this blog into a weather report (as mentioned previously) but bloody hell, this is the worst ski season for lack of snow for years, still no proper snow since Christmas, and that seems like forever ago.  There is mud!!!!

  And as of today the French are on half term so that marks the start of hell on ice! It is already tricky skiing conditions as I keep on mentioning but double, maybe even triple the people on the slopes over the next few weeks and it will be carnage. It is hard packed and icey which means you pick up speed far too quickly and ice makes it near impossible to bloody stop, so faced with the possibility of having a hurtling nine year old impaled in my leg (or worse!) Mr and I will be having a little time off the ski’s.

  So what to do?? This week we tried to make the most of it before the stampede, so had a few days up the mountain sliding around (and praying for dear life at times), had a little relax at home and had a very nice lunch out. That is the beauty of the sun shining, all the village café’s and restaurant’s suddenly produce outside seating so as to soak a few rays whilst partaking in a ‘menu de jour’ and the odd glass of wine.

  The ‘menu de jour’ (menu of the day) is a great thing, not only do you get the freshest and tastiest food, you get 2 courses for less than the price of a regular main dish. So for us cash strapped seasonaires (us older ones anyway, the stinkers obviously do not do such nice things) it means we can eat in some of the best restaurants for a fraction of the normal cost. We enjoyed a lovely lunch at ‘Le Pedrix Blanche’, a lovely restaurant famed for it’s seafood and excellent meat, we had grilled seabass with wild rice, broad beans and bacon in a garlic sauce then for dessert we had almond topped camembert all for €15 each, bargain, especially here where it can cost you €14 for a bowl of soup!!! As you can see the vegan diet is holding up well!!!!!!!!!

   This week coming we will be trying to sort out where we head to next and what we are going to do with the summer. Not an easy task. Many choices but trying to decide what is best for us is a difficult one. We are also planning a few days away for the following week (when the Brits arrive with hoards of spoilt, screaming children). We are thinking that seen as we are so close to many places and we have a car that we should make the most of it and have a little explore. Geneva is looking a close contender, only 2/3 hours away and looks like lots to see and do, oh and there may be the odd shop or two???


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