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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Celeb Spotting

  Playground of the rich and famous? Skiing has long been synonymous with the wealthy and famous people who surround us mere mortals, and there are many world famous resorts that seem to attract these types, Verbier, St-Anton, Chamonix, Courcheval, Kloisters, Aspen and at times our very own Val d’isere.

  By the looks of things in the press Kloisters can now kiss goodbye to their swanky reputation thanks to Katie Price/Jordan turning up last week and lowering the tone of the place, she gets around does’nt she??? No pun intended (well maybe just a little one!!!)

  We have had a couple of famous faces show up here too over the last few weeks. Firstly Heston Blumenthal was in town, he just so happened to be at the same après party as us one Wednesday evening, very friendly he was too (although I also saw him at the ski/snowboard show at Olympia in October, we arrived at the same time, if he show’s up again I’m going to have to tell him to back off!!!)

   But I suppose I ought to also mention that whilst having a drink in our favourite bar Friday evening (another week off the booze going badly!) who happens to be in the corner but Timmy Mallet. Mr spotted him in the corner with a bunch of friends. I texted my Lil’sis as we almost always watched ‘Wackaday’ when we were little ‘uns and rather embarrassingly asked him for a photo. It came out badly on my phone but maybe that was a good thing as he was wearing a ridiculous hat that would not have been amusing 15 years ago when he probably bought it!! But he was pleasant enough and I expect secretly pleased as he exited the bar to a chorus of “Timmy, Timmy, Timmy” by some incredibly pissed Irish folk at the bar!


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  1. I've always thought Val d’isere must be the place be to after Eddie and Patsy went there in the last episode of Ab Fab! Oh how I loved that show. I only just twigged that that's the same place you are! xx


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