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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Friday Night Fun.

Mmm good starting point!
  A little story of  2 ladies, too many drinks and some press ups.
     My friend L and I  are always ever so organised on the social diary front. We always make sure we have dates booked in in advance to make sure we get together as often as possible, we both enjoy a drop of good food and don't shy away from drink or two. So this friday night just gone started out the same as normal, dinner at a new riverside restaurant in our home town with plans to have a few drinks after. There were us plus our Mr's until my Mr found out he was meant to be on a stag do (men are so unorganised!!), so no probs we bought the dinner forward to 7oc so that the boys could bugger off early and join in the hijinks of the stag do.
    A lovely dinner was had by all, by 8.15 L and I had polished off the 1st bottle wine and as we were'nt rushing off decided we had better order another to keep us going. 9oc and the boys made their excuses and left us to it, it was around this point that L and I admitted we were already feeling a little squiffy!
    I should add at this point by this age I really should know when I've had enough but it never seems to happen!! Oh well.
    We left (or rather stumbled, probably) the restaurant and settled ourselves in a nice bar where we seemed to drink our body weight in, L- vodka, Moi -gin but, considering, I think we were holding up ok. It was lovely to have a good old chat just the two of us, and make the most of what time I have left with my friends before I leave in november.

What we shoulda had!!!

    Around 12.30 we decide time for a change of scenery and obviously a few more beverages (like we needed it!!!), so off  we go to another bar which is almost always full of protentious arseholes but the decors nice and they do a mean cocktail so us girls always like it!! We headed off into the cocktail lounge where we ordered ourselves mojitos, as mentioned before the place does attract wankers and at the bar seemed to be the biggest of them all, what on earth makes these tossers think we are interested in one word they have got to say is beyond me, but hey ho.
     We were minding our own business, when the aformentioned tosspot kinda lunged himself at us and announced he was buying our drinks, wanker. We ignored him and turned back to the barman who was making our drinks, neither remotely resembled a mojito, I was told by the barman they were making us something else as they were out of mint, he seemed totally oblivious to the fact that I did'nt order something else and was handed a muddy looking concoction of drunk in a glass!!! (vodka, gin, tequila, bacardi, lime and coke) whilst I was having a one way conversation about the drink that not only I did not order but did not want, the knobhead that was pestering us had dropped to the floor to do press ups, WTF?????  Was that meant to impress us? Bloody hell, it was just embarassing but hugely amusing to see someone making such an ass of himself. What had we done to deserve such attention. We let him pay for the drinks as we did'nt want them (although by this drunken point we drank them anyway!! Oops), and then disapeared before he could annoy us any further. Where waiting for us was one more tosser, blimey. At this point we decided to call it a night and go home, I finally made it to bed just before sun rise. A good night was had by all.

Maybe this is where Mr Universe shoulda been doing his press ups!


  1. love that story. free entertainment can sometimes be amusing :)

  2. It's amazing isn't it the older we get, the less likely we are to know when we have have had enough, it just slips down so easily. Shame about the wankers and the Mojitos, still it sounds like you had a lovely evening.


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