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Friday, 14 January 2011

My new hobby!!!

I have a new hobby. It is not always easy to do but I will try my hardest to make sure that you can take as much enjoyment from this new pleasure of mine as I do.

Yes this photo was taken in 2010!!!

Can you believe people still own such outfits?? Let alone actually step out of the house wearing them, least of all somewhere like this???? Hats off to them, these are some truly awful ski outfits, would have fitted in perfectly at my leaving do with the girls.

I cannot imagine that these have any waterproofing or breathability left in them, but maybe the glare off of the fabric keeps them warm and dry?? Whatever it is, they brighten my days and make me think of my girls.
I know, how awful!!!!!

I will continue to take sneaky photo’s when I can and where possible, and keep you all amused with such fashion crimes!!!!!


  1. I saw plenty of outfits like that in Austria over Christmas! Bought in the 80s and trotted out every year... I am too vain to not update regularly :)

  2. You should start a skiwear styling service to the rich folk, dear friend. Kev has the contacts now, get to it! Build good relationships with the shops so that you can take the clothes to the clients - voila, it will save you putting your hands down the loo!

  3. I just look at them and think ebay! x x LD x x


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