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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Pretty Little Pisa

So where was I?

Last time I blogged we were leaving the Ligurian coast after a wet week by the sea. We left on the Saturday for Pisa where we spent 1 night and had a thoroughly enjoyable 24 hours in the Tuscan town.

The Piazza Miracoli, home to the leaning tower, was incredible. A huge marble clad cathedral, and the gleaming tower of course sitting amid immaculate lawns, had a very relaxed air about it considering the place was swarming with tourist’s all doing the obligatory ‘holding up the tower’ pose. Mr and I spent the afternoon seated on the grass amusing ourselves watching the many poses being struck. Very funny, and of course we had to do it too, (photo’s to follow at some point!).

Pisa was really not what I was expecting. It was small, more a town than a city, it was quiet and relaxed, little restaurants and cafes tucked away, great shops, antique stalls lining the streets and squares, and generally a very pleasant place to spend a bit of time. There is more than just the leaning tower to pretty little Pisa.

We had a nice meal out that evening in a little trattoria and had a couple of drinks al fresco soaking up the atmosphere in the squares thronging with people.

Slight problem the next morning though, we checked our emails to check out how to get to the hotel of our next destination, Bologna (we were leaving on the lunchtime train) to find that the hotel we thought we were booked into had in fact emailed back, in Italian, to tell us they had no rooms available (thank god for online translation!!!). This was about 10.30am and we were leaving at 1pm! Luckily we found somewhere else, with instant confirmation, and we could sigh a breath of relief that we would’nt be homeless that night and the following two! Crisis averted! What did we do before the internet???

Next stop Bologna.

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