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Friday, 27 May 2011

Destination Italy

  So what is the plan now??? Well for certain we will not be spending another winter in the mountains and we certainly not be living in France at any point, that much we do know. We loved it and were incredibly lucky to be able to do it in the first place but we both felt it was not for us in the long run (or my sanity in the short term!!) and that is why we went in the first place, to try it one for size and see if we liked it before making any permanent decisions or before making any financial commitments.  Life is for living and right now I feel we are doing just that, going where we can and doing what we want to do, luckily Mr generally agrees with what ‘we’ want to do!!!

  As I am writing this I am sitting on a balcony high above Lake Garda in Italy, the air around me is warm and scented with jasmine blossom and the lights from the villages across the water are twinkling as the evening darkens. Life is good.

   So here we are in Italia, we flew into Milan last Wednesday, the 18th on a one-way flight ticket. All we had booked were 3 nights in a Milan hotel, a hire car booked for 2 weeks on leaving Milan, an apartment in Lake Garda till the 4th of June and a lonely planet guide to Italy. Oh and my very heavy luggage!!! (Possibly the heaviest ‘capsule’ wardrobe ever dragged on the Milan underground!) After that it is in the hands of the gods as they say here.

  Our plan is to travel around this beautiful country for as long as our funds will allow and try to pick up some work along the way somewhere. Where? Who knows? Doing what? God knows. And when? Whenever we can. Italy is notoriously difficult for anyone who is not Italian, is virtually impossible for anyone who does not speak Italian, let alone anyone who is both non-Italian and speaks none of the language. Should be interesting!

   I’ve got dark hair and heels, surely that must count for something????????

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  1. Oh I'm so jealous, it sounds fab! Can't wait to hear how you get on. Enjoy the non working whilst you can xx


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