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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Hostess again

So I thought I would lay off writing the menu plans this week as this blog is sounding a little like a recipe book!!! But as I have’nt got much else to do apart from cook I will continue with the cooking theme.

A you may have guessed I do love to cook and my time here has made up my mind that I would like to go in that direction when the time comes to start real life again. It has been great to have more time to cook, when I think back to my life back home in the UK when I used to bulk cook one day a week due to late night working and I now cannot believe that I used to quickly eat two of my three meals a day out a Tupperware pot standing up somewhere inappropriate whilst a client was being shampooed or was waiting with a colour on, not good. All this makes me sure I have done the right thing in changing that pattern of my life.

But one thing has’nt changed, I find myself being host again. Although I absolutely love to cook and entertain, it can become a teensy bit frustrating when it is not reciprocated.  All through my living in a building site whilst renovating our last house, at times without a fully functioning kitchen, I still cooked for guests, on high days and holidays, even on my own birthday!! 

So now I find myself in a similar position, as the only people in Val with a nice apartment and full cooking facilities that includes an oven I am once again having dinner guests. Not the numbers I once catered to but even 2 or 3 extra dinner guest’s make’s a huge difference. Which is all very nice and while I am more than happy to cook the issue is that cooking for other people cost’s money. Money we worked very hard to earn before we came away and money that we cannot really afford as we are living on a strict budget due to giving up our jobs!! Which is our choice I know, and we planned our finances accordingly, just for the two of us.

Anyone that has ever cooked a meal for extras knows that it’s not just a case of adding a couple more potatoes to the pot. I dread to think how much it has cost me over the years, even when I was working and earning properly. Obviously there is the cost of the extra food and you always buy extra booze as the last thing you want is to run out plus you can’t always rely on people to bring enough with them! And in my experience that always gets drunk too, adding even more expense!! And don’t even get me started on soft drinks and mixers!!

But hey ho, it seems there will always be those that do and those that do not in every circumstance in life. Some things just never change eh?


  1. The hostess with the most-ess! xxx

  2. HI Em
    I know you love a good deal so have a look at KGBdeals you can get a Brazilian hot wax and Swarovski crystal Vajazzle for £12 instead of £55, bargain, bet you won't find that in Vogue

  3. I know the feeling when you have people over a lot and it isn't reciprocated - it should just be one of those things you don't have to mention!

  4. Im sorry Em! Was lovely to meet you and eat some of the best food I've had all season! Once again thank you.


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