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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

another week goes by....

We have just two weeks of the season left now, I cannot believe that it is almost home time already!!

So what’s been happening? Not a lot. The snow is pretty shit due to the warm weather, although we did have a couple of cold days again last week but that’s passed, warm and sunny again for this week. I have’nt skied all week and only once last week for an hour or two, quite frankly I cannot be arsed, bit bored with it now and especially now that the conditions have deteriorated so much. I would rather go to the gym, which is what I have been doing instead and my thighs are grateful for it. Oh and I have been keeping fashionable company whilst in the gym too, I bumped into Stella McCartney last week on her way out as I was going in! She was in town and Mr happened to fit her ski boots, surprisingly large feet apparently!!! Bigger than Mr’s!!

I must say this skiing malarkey has really confirmed what I have long suspected, terrible for the legs if you happen to be of the female persuasion and do not happen to be a 6 foot supermodel. Have you seen female skiiers legs?? They are huge, and that is a look that I am not coveting I can tell you. I have always felt my thighs were a little heavy for my liking and have spent basically the last 16 years doing all sorts of lengthening, strengthening weight free exercises to do battle with what nature landed me with. Over the years I have come to learn that the only way to a leaner shaped leg is running and yoga. Skiing and walking up and down many, many steps with ski boots on, which are effectively giant ankle weights, do not fall into running or yoga. It is more or less like a very long step class or body pump, both of which I have avoided like the plague since trying them out at one time or another due to their leg bulking capabilities.

So two weeks into my ski less (probably not at all this week in all honesty!!), run more, drink less alcohol (none at all this week!!), eat healthier and stick to mostly vegan routine, I am 4.5 lb’s lighter and feeling much better for it. I have just 2 more weeks left to make my legs (and the rest of me!!) resemble something of a reasonable shape for the coming summer!!! But it’s not all bad, at least I have’nt got freakishly large feet I suppose! 

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  1. Good news, I have been dieting all week, bad news, after 5 days I weighed yesterday and have put on 2lb, what is a girl to do? I am ashamed to say that 1 1/2 stone has creeped on since last summer, it is obviously an age thing!


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