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Tuesday, 22 February 2011


  We have now been away from home for 3 whole months. Strange that I still call it home as for the time being my home is here. But I suppose home is where the heart is, wherever that may be.

   I have never been one to be home sick, having never felt particularly attached to living anywhere so far and not having a close family, apart from my lil’ sis of course and a very special aunt. Having lived abroad before it was the lack of female company that was one of the hardest things then as it is now. I have a wonderful group of girl friends that I have left behind. But maybe it is being older, maybe it is feeling unsure of where or what happens next (getting scarily close), maybe it is just the lack of female company but I have been missing everyone terribly, especially my lil’ sis and my girls. 

  There is such a thing known as the mid season blues, maybe a bit of that but more than that I feel that I should be helping out in unforeseen circumstances, but am too far away to do anything of use.

   Sometimes when unexpected things happen back home you feel powerless to help and selfish for not being there. But I suppose that this is the reality of living abroad and the very worst thing is being away from those dearest to you. All I can do is be there on the end of the phone or the email, or jump on the next flight back home to where my heart is at the moment?????


  1. Aw, you sound really sad. Keep smiling lovely lady xx

  2. Feeling a bit teary after reading this! Really wish we could visit you again to give you some female company! We're all missing you madly too hun! x Lynn x

  3. Oh blimey, sounds like something has happened, hope whatever and whoever it is, is OK. Chin up darling, ring, text or email me if you want to, I'm always here if you need someone xx


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