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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Just the way we roll!

Bonjour from a very sunny and warm Val d’isere!!! I know I was moaning about a month back when I was frozen but yesterday at 2,700 meters high in the mountains it was +12 degrees!!!! From one bloody extreme to the other. Not good.

This is one of the worst starts to a season Val d’isere has ever had and we are in desperate need of snow as we have not had any proper snow since Christmas day. Not good in a SKI resort!!!! You kinda need the white stuff!

But hey ho it is just our luck, wherever Mr and I end up somewhere in the world the weather always ends up doing the opposite of what it normally does. I may have mentioned in one of my first posts about this very subject, when we went travelling we had rain in Fiji, rain in Sydney as we arrived after they had had a 4/5 month drought, infact it rained almost everywhere in Oz, especially Magnetic Island where they advertise that they have ‘360 days of sunshine’ it rained 3/4 days out of our week there, we also had freak weather in Venice, 4 seasons in four days, almost everything but snow!! And massive thunder storms in Istanbul last summer. I won’t bore you as the list goes on and on. But I will add that we don’t always get rained on, the temperatures have been known to soar to unbearable heats in places where it really should’nt. Maybe it’s not global warming, maybe it’s just us two!

But every cloud and all that (and we could really do with some of them snow clouds right now), the sunny conditions and balmy temperatures make for lovely vista’s and they make fabulous pictures plus it is always nice to sit and enjoy a coffee break outside on the deck eh??? There are some very fabulous places to stop for a ski break here too, just think animal skins, sheepskin rugs and rustic wooden furniture, leather beanbags and black rattan couches, add some lounge tunes and the sound of champagne corks popping in the background and it is just does’nt get much better, beats working for a living!

Here’s some sunny pictures,

la montagne

red sky n the morning..........

palm trees and zebra print, just what you expect!

ah blue skies.

Mr being all arty with his photography!

It does'nt look like we need more snow in this one, but it is all an illusion!!

all pics of moi will now have been touched up thanks to Mr Mac, that's what I would look like with botox!


  1. I deffo need Botox! Great pics it looks beautiful x

  2. I love your turquoise hat with the pink coat! xx


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