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Friday, 3 December 2010

Copying and pasting again!!!!

Well once again I am sat here at the table looking out to a vision of white, the snow has been falling all day and we cannot even see the mountains it is so thick. So copying and pasting a post again, and it will be a scheduled post due to me already having one other copy and paster lined up from Monday!!!!. We were online in our apartment as of last Thursday, and then it all went wrong.

We had purchased a dongle so that we had internet access in our apartment. There are a couple of wi-fi spots but its either 5 euro an hour at the tourist office or spend 10 euro on two drinks for an hour’s surfing in the cafe, that makes it hard to have enough time for the both of us to reply to emails, check our bank and update blogs etc etc and you cannot really Skype then either. So either way, annoyingly expensive and not particularly practical. We had always intended on getting a dongle as we knew that we did’nt have a phone line here in the apartment, although neither of us had used one before, everyone said they were great. Hmmmm.......

We went into a mobile phone shop in Bourg St Maurice last Thursday, my French certainly does not lend itself to that sort of conversation but one of the sales assistants spoke pretty good English so between us we managed to buy one.

We got home, it was surprisingly easy to install (well thats what Mr said, I, Ms non-technology, left it to him). So we were happily Skyping and surfing the web until Sunday when it said we needed to recharge. Ok, just click on the recharge link on the website and buy some more time we had been assured.

It is now Wednesday and the f*cking thing will not work! The website will not load properly, it asks us to register, which we do, then the f*cking thing will not let us submit the information!!!!!!! We took it back to the shop (30 mins drive away) on Tuesday where they told us, “you just need to click here and register and then pay”, Oh you don’t think that we have tried that?????????? It will not work. The only way to recharge is on their website and it is not working!!!! There is no telephone number to contact the TELECOM (I may add) company. We have de-fragged etc, etc on our laptop and the f*cking thing still will not work.

Mr removed our security earlier and the website actually loaded, but there was a message in French saying that the website was unavailable at this time. AGHHHHHHH.........................

When technology is good it is really good but when it is bad it is just sooo bad!!

It is a bit frustrating as the snow is falling like mad and when we ventured up the mountain earlier to ski the visibility was non-existent, a complete white out ( no difference between sky and floor, just white all around, you lose all sense of where you are), very scary. And we only saw about 8 other people so we decided we had better head back to the village as it was getting worse.

So we are stuck indoors and I hear that lots of you in the UK are also stuck indoors due to snow too, so it would be brilliant to get online and have a chat!!! But oh no, we have no bloody internet. You do not realise how much you use it until you cannot.

But I have caught up on some washing, cleaned the apartment and have just baked a tray of chocolate nut brownies. These things are what you do when you have no internet or TV. Well I say no TV, we do have one but we only get a few French channels and you have to retune them every time you switch it on and we have been told it really is not worth the effort. Luckily we have got a load of DVD’s with us so that is how we have been spending our evenings in.

I am aware that parts of England have come to a standstill due the white stuff but you will be pleased to know that an hour or so’s drive from us had 60cm of snow Monday night/ Tuesday morning and their roads are all closed too, it is also apparently complete chaos there. We had’nt had any till today and they reckon that big dump they had down the valley from us is on its way, so we shall see. Could be stuck in with no internet for a while!!!


  1. Oooh sounds like fun, hope you will be up and running again soon! I thought of you yesterday in the supermarket as SATC 2 dvd has just been released. xxx

  2. Dear E, how annoying! I wondering how I was going to blog when we go to the South of France in the spring. We stay at a friends house that doesn't even have a phone or TV!

    I can't bear not having the internet or Sky. My laptop died the other night, it was a disaster 'til my lovely old flatmate saved the day.

    I hope you're having fun over there xx

  3. Oh noooo I really want to talk to you on Skype, wish there was something we could do to help. Chocolate nut brownies sound yummy! K xxx


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