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Friday, 26 November 2010

Down with the kids??

  Hello again, well we have now been here just over a week and things are looking good. We are due to start working mid December, just Saturdays cleaning apartments (absolutely no nannying!!) until things get busier after Christmas when I will probably be waitressing a couple of evenings a week in a hotel as well and Mr will be handy manning! And then tomorrow (Saturday) the ski slopes open. So plenty of time out to ski before we start work, well whilst we are working too, we are not here to work hard!!!

  It has snowed alot here this week, from Monday morning to Wednesday night then again last night. It has started to get sooo cold too, -10 yesterday and god knows what today, it is freezing, -23 tonight, though so this afternoon it is somewhere between -10 and -23!!!! Chilly!!!!

Thursday afternoon.

  So I thought I would give you a little shoe update seen as we have’nt really done much apart from eat and drink and pop out for walks to the couple of cafe’s open!!

  Essential news I know!! Many of you may be aware by now that sensible footwear is not, how shall I put it? My forte. As mentioned in another post my buying of proper snow boots is unheard of, and it has been 10 years of skiing holidays spent sliding and skidding around resorts all over the world.

  When planning to spend 6 months here in Val d’isere footwear was obviously a serious consideration, (never mind work, accommodation, etc, etc!!). Now was the time to be a bit more sensible, after all 6 months is a bit more serious than a week or two.

  Now I won’t go into all the boot purchasing again but I will share with you what I always truly believed. I will share with you the fact that I have indeed bought many pairs of boots, mmmm... 9 pairs to be precise. Two of which are flat.

  Now, I have heard that there is snow falling in the UK so listen up I have some advice from the snowy climes here in the alps! Heels, simple as that. Out of the 9 pairs that I have bought with me (now you know why we bought a bigger car, he he!) I have worn 4 in the last week , my flat biker boots are horrendous, sliding all over the show and my Ugg’s, although snug and warm, are as slippery as my ski’s!! On the other hand my knee high’s with a block heel are doing well, less skidding than both of the flats and more snow proof as they reach the knees!! And the best ones so far are my heeled hiking boots!!! Nice chunky sole, 3.5” chunky heel. You see the thing with heels is that there is something to stick in the ground first before the rest of your foot makes contact so you are already secure on the slippery surface, add a little grip on the front and voila the perfect snow shoe!!!

  I even walked up the foot of the (base) mountain a good few feet yesterday in my knee high’s and I swear if I had been wearing my flats I would’nt have got up the slope as I would not have had the heel sticking in the snow first, I would have been flat on face (not for the first time I know!!!).

See, I am not lying!!

  Now ice is a little trickier but I am starting to realise the more surface touching the ice the more likely it is that you will slip, so stick to rule of heels, heels, heels!!! Do you think wearing my Louboutins will be testing my theory a step too far??????

  The other seasonaires (ugh, so young and full of self importance, you know the type!!) have been arriving in force over the last couple of days and there seems to be a common denominator in their choice of footwear, I dunno if they were handing them out with every job placement or what, but it seems that the regulation footwear for these 18-22 year olds is the Nike Hi-top, in black and turquoise. I swear I have seen soo many of them wearing them. And even when they are all out together in packs, all looking the same, imagine that!!!(No I do not think myself above them, well......). These young kids, I dunno!!! I have realised, with relief I may, add that I am most certainly not ‘down with the kids’.
Nike Dunk Hi Premium 08

Nike Dunk High 08
Hmmmm..... not really me eh?????


  1. ha, Oliver has the nike Hi-tops. Great photo. I'm not riskin heels when i go. No more broken arms for me thankyou. Glad you've settled in so quickly. can't wait for your next blog . xxx from Helen

  2. This is my favourite blog so far I love it Em, you have definitely taken the fashionista to the slopes! What I love about it is the fact that you have taken nine pairs of boots, wearing four pairs in week 1 and that heels really are the best for staying upright! Would love for you to have your own editorial feature in a magazine. Can't wait to hear more already K xxx

  3. You are officially nuts! I can't walk in heels without snow and ice, let alone in it! Love the picture, you look really happy and its nice to see you, even though I prefer to see you at the back of my head through the mirror in front of me! ha ha!! xx

  4. Ah thanks K, Kev did'nt realise I had 9 pairs with me till he read that post!!
    Hi Ms Fab, Honestly the heels work!!! But I know you don't really do heels. Nice to hear from you!! e xxxx

  5. I believe that heels are always the best option, but I don't think you should try out the Loboutins just yet! I have to say you look tres glamorous on the slopes. Bxxx (ps I managed to score some l'autre chose otk books on ebay for £20!)

  6. Dear E, I'm with you the heels give you something to grip with! xx


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