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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Food Glorious Food.

        On monday whilst having a bit of a cookathon I was thinking that I haven't done a blog about food or cooking, along with clothes, shoes, Vogue and Sex and The City, this is one of my favourite things. I have many cook books, I love to read all atricles and blogs (especially shutter bean and LLG), and really enjoy cooking for friends and family.
        Although I must add at this point my most frequent dinner guests are a testing bunch, one Mr that only eats 4 types of veg, absolutely no green stuff (you don't make friends with salad is his motto, ERRR), one man that does not eat veg of any kind (he has an onion phobia!!!!! AGHH), one meat and two veg man that does'nt do any spice (pepper is his hot stuff!! URGH), one lovely lady that does'nt do fish and the only meat consumed is chicken and at this point I probably should add that I turned vegan 3 years ago (not as scary and bland as it sounds!!!), and I live with the 1st carnivore mentioned !!
      So my cooking skills have been tested to the max on more than one occasion. My poor old cookbook recipes have been changed and adapted more than I can count. There probably is'nt one thing that tastes as it was intended. But whilst listening to an interview with Delia Smith on the radio last week (I know I'm getting old!) it was rather a relief to hear that the great lady herself still follows recipes and still has to look up her own creations.
      Every week for as long as I can remember I have sat down with my recipes and worked out the following weeks meals for Mr Meateater and I and then shop accordingly. Not only is this more cost effective but I have no waste. (I would like to add that I am not a 1950's housewife!!!).
      The reason that I do this is to make sure I eat the right stuff and keep the weight off but also I work horribly late everyday so take my lunch and dinner with me so that I get to eat!! So this brings me back to my monday cookathon, I spend a few hours cooking and preparing the weeks meals on my day off , I see it as whilst you're making one thing you could be prepping the next and the next and the next............ultimate multitasking!!!!
     But the one thing that really got me thinking the other week was how pissed off I am with eating two of my three daily meals out of a tupperware pot in a dirty staff room surrounded by crap!!!! This is one of the reasons why I need to change my life, I would like to join the land of the living, I would like to sit at a table for dinner and eat my dinner off of a plate!


  1. So that Staff room still in a state then?

  2. Ugh you are far too organised, it makes me feel bad!

  3. The staff room should carry a health warning!!! e xx

  4. That is fabulous! I shop in that way too and I find it so much easier when I come home after work and I don't have to think of what to cook I can just look at my list of meals and know that I have all the ingredients ready. By the way that sounds like a tough crowd to cook for! No veg!? Vegan diet is most excellent. x

  5. Well done for sticking to a vegan diet. I can't give up cheese and I would like to give up meat but I find it difficult. Bacon and steaks normally ruin it for me...

    OMG!! That really is a tough crowd. What did you cook in the end? xx


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