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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Blog Virgin

I'd like to start by thanking those of you that have very kindly given me great feedback on my 1st post, its quite scary as you really don't know if its any good or whether its just complete shit!!! But it seems to have gone down well, so thanks again.
This blogging buisness is a whole new thing for me, up until a few weeks ago I had'nt really read many blogs, certainly not on a regular basis, and as I'm mostly computer illiterate (well apart from online shopping, but I think thats kinda inbuilt for us girls eh?)this is a big deal. But I've found the whole experience really quite exciting and rather addictive! My lil' sis is a blogger(smashingbird) and she's been giving me tips and sharing her favourite blogs with me, I must say I'm loving liberty london girl and domestic sluttery. So now I have another habit to fill my time!!!
But back to real life and all that jazz. This week I became an aunty for the first time and I must say it's really quite lovely. My nephew was born last sunday on mothers day and he's very cute and very sweet and I now have lots of pictures on my phone to bore people with, but no, before anyone asks, I do not feel any differently, I still would like my body intact and a full nights sleep!! This will be one the hardest things about leaving, missing out on little ones growing up and having a little cuddle now and again, but I'm sure they'll manage without me!!
The one thing that I am going to have trouble managing without though is new season shopping!! I love the spring time, theres nothing like seeing all the lovely new collections in the shops, brighter colours, floaty fabrics, pretty strappy shoes. But I really must not be too swayed by all this new loveliness, I'm meant to be saving money for my new life and I won't be needing summer clothes in the mountains. But I will be needing summer clothes this summer!! I'm not gone yet!!
I've decided the only way I can justify buying new things is if I'm ruthless with what I've already got and get ebaying. I've always been a bit of a hoarder, always keep things but in truth I never really wear it all again. And I've got to be practical about these things, I can only take so much stuff with me when we go and I've got limited storage for leaving things behind, plus the fact that I don't know when we'll be back or if we'll be back.
So I've decided if I sell what I've got I can fund my spring/summer wardrobe whilst I'm meant to be saving money! Makes perfect sense to me! I have seen these gorgeous pair of boots on the urban outfitters website which I'm seriously lusting after, I think they might be the perfect winter to spring footwear. And I've convinced myself they'll serve me well in the snow too, they have got a grippy sole after all!! I've always been a bit of a shoe addict, I own many, many pairs. Its got so bad that a couple of summers ago I actually found a gorgeous pair of red platform sandals in the back of my cupboard that had only been worn once and I forgot that I even had them!! They went perfectly with the new dress I had just bought!! Many of these old friends will have to go though unfortunately, neon pink pantent stilleto sandals are'nt really going to work in 3ft of snow!!!
Talking of shoes, the other very important thing this spring is Sex and The City 2 oh I cannot wait!! Like many others out there I've been on the official website to watch the trailor, and it is fab! fab! fab! I've also put it on my youtube video on here if you have'nt had a look yet! I love Carrie, her wonderful(although completely unrealsitic)life is just a dream!! The clothes, the shoes, the bags, ahhhhhhhhh........... This is not going to make my shopping addiction any easier to deal with!!! Better get ebaying!!!!h/sex_and_the_city_movie207.jpg">


  1. You're a shoe addict? I'd never have guessed... Loving the Halston on Carrie!

  2. ha ha ha!! yes i know i have a problem, admiting it is the 1st step!!!


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